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Will I Ever Pass this Way Again?

Last Time

Let's Hold On

It's the Way

Simple Man

Love Is

Keeping It Real

Fly Eagle Fly


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Will I Ever Pass This Way Again?


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The full version of these songs will soon be available on I Tunes, Rhapsody and Napster...  I would like to thank all those (Joe, Liz, Ken, Dee, Jon, Mark, etc., etc.) who have helped me clean out some of the bugs in the development of these songs.


Child of The Poor - Scot Soper By Mike Kurek &

 Jon Prudhomme

Coventry Carol - Mike Kurek


Oh Danny Boy - Mike Kurek


Cant Help Falling in Love - Mike Kurek


For What It's Worth At Kurek Recordings Inc.


Wonderful Tonight At Kurek Recordings Inc.


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I'm Not Really Sure What Happened Today

 Thursday (9/29/2013)...

Well the school kids are at it again playing pranks on each other.  This president (King Obama and his court) think since they control 2 out of three segments of this country they do not need to communicate and negotiate any issues with the Health Care system as carved out by the democratically controlled government without refute from the republicans.  So this was health Care as defined by the democrats and they of course are perfect. Pelosi did not know what was in it because she even said "we need to pass it to find out what is in it???" Well there are many issues with Obamacare.  All I hear from the goofy media is the Republican Congress, who is responsible for the purse, is to fault.  This president has not even sat down to discuss the issues associated with the Health Care program since they want to see it fail and they ultimately want the government to take over all healthcare.  This means we will get a tax (similar to Canada's GST) to pay for this Health Care System. There is nothing free in this world. Again, "WE THE PEOPLE" are being caught in the middle with this government shutdown. All I can say is that the whole bunch of Congressmen, Senators and this President need to be impeached.  They are doing a disservice to this country.  I don't know how you can fire the whole bunch but it needs to happen. GOD Bless America...


Thank You, Mike Kurek


This is Interesting:





1/15/2011 Tucson


Rant 11/12/10

Rant 9/1/10

Rant 7/21/10

Rant 5/11/10


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Happy Veterans Day (Each and Every Day of The Year) if you are one, or if not .... Thank A Veteran... Mike Kurek


I know there are many Americans that do not believe in God.  This is America and you have that right. I do hope all Americans believe in Life.  The continuing holocaust that is occurring in this country goes against everything our fathers and fore-fathers stood for.  They fought the likes of Hitler and his methods of destroying Human Life.  Here in this country we continue to kill for no reason at all the beautiful babies that will not have a chance at Life. Babies that would have grown to be Grand Sons, Grand Daughters, Sons, Daughters, Presidents, Generals, Soldiers, Musicians, Artists, Baseball Players, Football Players and Human Beings we would have cherished.  Somehow there is a mask on the destruction of the Babies.  It's called Women's Choice.  (Guess What I would want to have a choice ) Who came up with this moniker for the destruction of babies? This is not a church issue this is an American issue.  Please help to save these babies, don't look the other way they have no one else to turn to.  Lets help Mothers and Fathers that cannot raise them develop themselves to be proud Mothers and Fathers.  Dee and I Love our Children (including Julie & Carmen) and our 3+ wonderful Grandchildren. I am not anti democrat but I am against this senseless destruction that they stand for.  Please America, Please turn this around for their sake they need you...


Polar Plunge 2010 - featuring Chris and his Mom Dee


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Welcome Anthony John Kurek III October 7th 2010 -

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Welcome James Anthony Kurek - Born 1/23/09 at 3:01 AM 6 lb - 5 oz - What a beautiful Baby Boy - Congratulations Charlie and Katie.

Oh, If Tony (Grandpa) could only see the lovely parents he helped raise...

We had to put Coco to sleep today 10/11/08 - We will miss her...

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WELCOME GRACE ELIZABETH GORDON - Born  12/16/08 at 8:02PM 7 lb 1 oz and 19" long - She is just a beautiful baby - Congratulations Erin and John and big brother Ben.

Florida 2008 (More Pix to Come)

Port St Lucie



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